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Published August 04, 2016

In this post, Sherman shares what he covered and discussed with the Managing Partners on the call. 

In today’s Managing Partner’s Special Interest Group Call there was a lively discussion around LinkedIn and how it is helping people do business. 

First, a quick visit to Leverage! Leverage of course is the practice of selling part of your time for a price and then producing that deliverable at a price that provides for a profit.

So in the case of LinkedIn, the ability to do something that promotes your firm’s brand, your expertise and then leads to a conversation with a prospect or client may be perceived as profitable if the implementation or action around LinkedIn is not too costly.

Sherman explained on the call that there are ways to “leverage” LinkedIn. 

First, do the simple things that make your profile better, if not FAR better. 

Check out this 8 Step process by the Lauren Batcheck. It’s a basic list but important. Most of the Accounting Industry profiles I see are pathetic and don’t serve to make people want to do business with the individuals online. Believe me, more of your clients than you know are finding out about other ways to do taxes, audit and consulting work online. LinkedIn is part of that ecosystem. 

The link to the article is here:  

Second, Sherman covered a couple of tools that are serving him well. One of the more interesting releases of late is a online web service call CrystalKnows
The url is Through machine learning and AI, Crystal gives you instant access to millions of personality profiles and free communication advice for anyone you meet.

This is profound to a professional services sector where the typical makeup of the professional is C or S in the Disc profile and there is no real desire to get out and network to grow business and influence. Crystal allows you to access an individual’s basic profile and it offers up proctored or curated ways to communicate and build relationship with  the individual.  

Sherman also covered LinkedIn advanced search. This tool is within LinkedIn and it provides a significantly sophisticated way to get granular on your search functions. You can find about anyone within a firm that is on LinkedIn. With Sales Navigator there are ways to confirm who else in your firm is connected to companies your firm is attempting to cross sell.  

As Sherman ended the session he covered the three ways your firm may take control of social media. When you’re attempting to describe to the intern, marketing person you hired, or assistant on staff or even make a plan for yourself, keep these three priorities in mind. There are only Three things for which you are  responsible.  

Be a resource. This is to say provide great links and information from other subject matter experts. Make sure the content you post is of use to those you are trying to serve.
Be a source. This is to say, when you are good enough to write your own content, be the source of the content that serves your audience.
Provide a platform for others. If you know great people you may feature such as CEO’s, Company Owners, Association or Niche Leaders then interview them and share their story. This tactic is a great way to initiate relationships with targeted companies and their leaders.  

Happy LinkedIn hunting and if we may be of any service, reach out to the EW/Rainmaker Companies team.

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