Growing a Niche. A Three Part Series

Published August 04, 2016

I had the good fortune to interview Patrick Pruett during a monthly "office hours" call for The Rainmaker Companies today. Each month, The Rainmaker Companies host what are called Office Hours. This is not different than the effort made by your Professors or TAs in college maintaining a fixed time each week where you were invited to pop in and dive into a deeper issue. 

The topic was on launching or growing a niche. Patrick Pruett serves as EVP of The Rainmaker Companies. He runs what are called The Rainmaker Alliances. The accounting industry is doing a great job of cultivating industry expertise and converting that expertise into practice area expertise. When they do this successfuly within the right industries, great rewards may be obtained. 

Margins rise, consulting revenue rises and the value added to the client is grown fastly. 

We've included a podcast on Niche development featuring Patrick Pruett.

 If you'd like to follow up with Patrick Pruett directly, you'll find him on The Rainmaker Companies website at 

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