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About Us

GRUPO CONSULTOR EMPRESARIAL, was born in 2001 under the name of ANMAROD & CIA S.A., and thanks to the evolution of the accounting systems and the strategic alliance with other professionals our company began providing subcontracting or Outsourcing services and making strategic alliances with our clients in diverse areas. Our success is based on the experience acquired during 7 years and on our working team, composed of Financial Administrators, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Lawyers, Industrial Engineers and Human Resources Management Specialists, all of them are specialists in the field they work and have track record within our organization.

We are very pleased to introduce our firm to you, GRUPO CONSULTOR EMPRESARIAL, leader in the area of OUTSOURCING BY ADMINISTRATIVE COUNSELING, for Micro, Small, Medium and large size Companies, we are members of important organizations of Public Accountants, Lawyers, Engineers, ISO 9000-2000 quality systems specialists and other professionals in different areas, we take care of your problems and solve them as expeditiously as possible.

Our outsourcing allows obtaining comparative and competitive advantages that allow the company to obtain benefits such as:
Concentration of efforts
Efficiency and effectiveness in processes and activities
Reduction of costs and maximization of utilities
Audit and feedback to the productive and administrative processes
Development and promotion of the workforce abilities
Identification of strategic Alliances to strengthen the corporate purpose.

Our support allows the clients to maximize their efforts and resources in the quest to achieve the objectives outlined by the organization, and in this form we assist to the resolution of administrative and economic conflicts; if you wish we will be your right hand and a very important part of the decisions you make in the areas of your company.

We take care of the evaluation of your company in relation with the services we offer and present the diagnosis, showing its strengths and weaknesses, indicating the mechanisms to strengthen and improve it, and then we program strategies to be followed according to your needs.

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