Goldemberg Saladino Hermida Rolando & Asociados


  • Av. Corrientes 880 piso 14


    Buenos Aires


    Phone: (541) 143-9097

About Us

Main products and solutions involve:

Advice on Tax and Social Security.
Consulting on Transfer Pricing and International Taxation.
Advice on Tax Litigation.
External Auditing.
Outsourcing in Accounting, Tax and Administrative Processes.
Corporate Consulting.
Consulting and Outsourcing in Human Resources and Payroll.
Coaching and Training.
Organizational Consulting and Systems.
We are the result of the merger of two recognized Firms with more than 30 years of professional experience; bringing up the creation of a leader Firm that assists with a variety of services.

The specific assistance to the customers and the professional staff excellence combined with the compromise and dedication of the partners, are the key elements that sustain our day a day growing.

Our motto is that excellence always can be higher.


Our mission can be summarized in a few words: Provide protection. Seek effective and reliable solutions tailored to the client's needs.

Core Values

We are convinced that the key to a truly reliable professional firm lies in the guiding values of our team members. These are our key values:

We stick to our commitments. In providing service, we aim to exceed our commitments.
We always provide timely responses. We feel the need to respond promptly to any question related to our clients.
We expect honesty and integrity in all that we do.
We believe work is an important part of our life and we perform it with pleasure.
We like to compete and believe competition brings out the best in us.
We are constantly making our best effort.
We do not accept errors resulting from negligence or lack of sufficient effort. We respect individualities and firmly believe people who are treated with respect and empowered give their very best.
We believe the key to our success lies in a clear understanding of our mission, our core values and what we expect from each of us.

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