The Enterprise Worldwide Vision Group

Member participation is a core value of EW and these active members are prime examples of EW significant leadership.


Program / SIC (Special Interest Community) Co-Chairs

The Program Co-Chairs work to provide direction for the various Special Interest Groups, as well as additional programs/services offered through EW.

​Marc Derstein

Shareholder, Detweiler Hershey

Vendor Relations Co-Chair

The Vendor Relations Co-Chair works  to determine the best resource members and provide feedback on vendors that should be a part of our group.

Angie Mastrionni
Principal, MRPR Group, CPAs and Advisors


Events Co-Chairs

Events Co-Chairs work to provide insight and direction on all EW events. 

Steve Mayer
Founder & Managing Partner, SD Mayer & Assoc. LLP

Joerg Penner
Partner, Penner + Partner


Members at Large

Members at Large work predominantly on strategic opportunities and membership recruitment. Their primary role is in recruitment and direction. 

Richard Morris

Senior Vice President & Director of Tax Services, Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell, P.C.

David Sands
Partner, Buchbinder Tunick & Co. LLP

Immediate Past Members at Large

Immediate past members are used for counsel and input on key decisions being made. They are also involved in selecting incoming Vision Group members. 

Richard Crabtree
Partner, Whalen & Company

Lisa Saunders

Managing Partner, Elements LLP

Carlos Brito

Director Partner, BHR Enterprise Worldwide Mexico 

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