Special Interest Communities

Enterprise Worldwide offers Special Interest Community (SIC) Conference Calls specific to functional and practice areas.  A critical strength of the Enterprise Worldwide is the collective knowledge and skill of its professionals. Connecting experts and exchanging ideas grows the intellectual capital of individuals, member firms and the association as a whole.  Consequently, attendance is strongly encouraged.

Another important feature of the SICs are the ListServes that accompany each group. The ListServe is a protected email community where members can share ideas privately within each community, as well as ask sensitive questions pertinent to the area.  The benefit is the expertise in a certain discipline that is available to all participating EW members.  Regardless of the size of an individual member firm, the knowledge base of the entire association is at their disposal.  Ultimately clients receive tremendous value through these groups.  And, members love the savings in time and money by researching complex issues through the ListServes.
The SICs are an important benefit for EW member firms because they provide an avenue to share specialized expertise and obtain actionable insights to strengthen each other in particular disciplines. 

This association is managed by The Rainmaker Companies